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Reopening our Panama Programme
( Empowering tribal people through basic education)

Five years ago we left Panama, after Bruce was dissatisfied with the results of his project to help drug addicted street children. He went to Peru and there proved that the equally poor and disadvantaged indigenous and mestizas children who live on the outskirts of the large cities are willing to respond to his offer of giving them a basic education (along with food, clothes, medication and affection) and many will go on to become educated and successful members of the society in which they must compete.
Bruce now has 22 little schools scattered throughout Peru, and a growing body of successful alumni.
And so at the turn of 2005/2006 he has returned to Panama to have another go. This time concentrating on the tribal communities - first those around the capital, Panama City, and then those in Chiriquí, Dariénand San Blas. [Our partner in this project will soon be named]

The tented platform on a hill overlooking the 3 communities is offered as our first school - it also serves as community hall.
The vibrant heart of Panama City is only a 15 mionute bus ride from Arraijan, but it seems a world away.
Ana Tere, President,w/Isabel, Our Panama facilitator.. Nadiuzka, Arraijan co-ordinator (& son), Bruce & helper.
Miraflores Lock, between Arraijan and Panama City.
Jan Van Erp, potential Co-ordinator & Bruce, Founder
Arraijan has 3 tribal unschooled children:
communities, each with
Kunas, Ngobes & mixed.