Home..........First Kuna School - April 2006
Reopening our Panama Programme
( Empowering tribal people through basic education)

The steps involved in getting one of our little schools started are really not all that difficult. Before getting started, of course we need to be certain there are enough children not in school to justify our being there. [With the state of education in Latin America almost any poor community has enough out-of-school children to justify our being there]. The other thing we need to make certain of before actually opening a school: is that the parents will agree to let their children become educated, and let us educate their children . [This can take longer to secure that the actual opening of the school.]
Once these preliminaries are out of the way, it is pretty smooth sailing. Here are some steps we took along the way to getting the Arraiajan school opened, just outside Panama City.

! -...Finding a vacant lot to locate our school on.
2 -..Getting the community involved..
.3 -..Tribal mothers and children meet.

Everything pictured here takes place within a 20 minute bus ride from the centre of Panama City.
.4 -..Ana Tere interviews qualified Teacher... .5 -..School Director and Teacher prepare classroom.
.6 -..Ana Tere makes her final pitch to moms & kids..
.7 -..Then Bruce makes his.
8 -.Write very first number
9 -..Then run for it.
10 -..First pencils ever
11 -.First copy book, first lesson..